Monday, August 5, 2013

A Normal Monday

August 5
Day 21

Hello. Hope you had a nice weekend. I started off my day by dealing with more computer issues before finding out that I didn't need the problematic files anyway. Other than that and accidentally turning on Number Lock I had no computer problems. So, that was a nice change. (Also, Number Lock on a Apple keyboard is really confusing, since there ins't a light that tells you when it is on. I like Windows better) The files that I had been working on weren't really working out in the processing method that we are trying to figure out, so I switched to working on a different manuscript. This one is also in Latin, and it says something about the "mother of God" and other words about God and such, which isn't surprising given that most of the population except those associated with the church were illiterate. SO now I am just going through hand calibrating all of the images and getting them ready so we can try making a Polynomial Texture Map for the manuscript.

Today we had a Skype call with a CIS graduate who works at NASA, imaging things for the shuttles and launches. It was really cool to talk to him and learn about NASA, his career and how CIS helped him. I asked him about the spectacular images from the Curiosity Rover. It was a nice break from ancient documents to talk about space.


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