Friday, August 2, 2013

Undergraduate Research Symposium and Intern vs Technology Round 2

August 2
Day 20

Hi. Today I spent almost the entire day at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. It was a conference of many of the undergraduates that had done research this summer, presenting their findings and explaining their research. It was really cool to go to such a broad range of talks. I went to some talks from undergraduate interns in humanities fields as well as science and mathematics fields. The most interesting was probably the talk "Carbon Nanotube Wires with Improved Electrical and Mechanical Performance" by Colleen C Lawlor. This talk was about eliminating imperfections in carbon nanotube wires and finding a process that makes them have a high tensile strength as well as good conductivity. Some of the other interns gave a talk on their work making a multicamera array. They did a really great job and their research is really interesting, and you should check out their blogs to learn more about the research.

Once I got back to CIS I found my adviser and tried to work with the files that I made yesterday. Unfortunately, nothing we did worked due to the fact that we don't have Phototshop, only Gimp. I've been trying to figure it out for like an hour now and no luck. When we tried to work on the computer that does have Photoshop, the entire computer died and the computer guy has been working on it for like half an hour and its finally starting to work. I am so glad its going to be the weekend. Hopefully things will work better on Monday.


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