Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mees Observatory

August 12
Day 26

Hello. Yesterday I didn't get into work till around 1, then I worked for a few hours, finishing all of the files that Roger had left for me. All of the interns left from CIS and we went to Mendon Ponds for a Sticky Lips BBQ picnic. We then drove to Mees Observatory in Naples to go star gazing. Our tours guides were very nice, giving us the history of the Observatory and testing our knowledge of stars and galaxies. The forecast was not great, but we got very lucky and the sky ended up being clear. We looked at double stars, the Ring Nebula, and other amazing things. I thought that the Ring Nebula was the coolest, it looked like a smoke ring floating through space. Last night was also the peak of the Perseid meteors and we were able to see some from on top of the Observatory. The sky was so clear of clouds and light pollution that you could faintly see the Milky Way. It was an amazing experience.

Here is a link to the Observatory: http://mees.rochesterastronomy.org/


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