Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7
Day 23

Today was surprisingly free of technology issues. I got the files on the new drive that I was waiting for yesterday and kept working on those. The person who gave us this data also gave us a suggested ROI to use for the images. Unfortunately this ROI was not working for all of the images, and I spent today trying to see if it matched any of the files. After that I continued to make ICAs and PCAs for the Latin manuscripts.

 While I was waiting for the drive this morning I did some work on Zooniverse. Zooniverse is a website that lets researchers post data that they need more manpower to examine. This website allows anyone to help researchers find new stars or count the number of fish in a given area. My favorite is the project that helps to monitor wildlife in the Serengeti using wildlife cameras. All you have to do is record how many lions or elephants that you see in the image and you are actually helping with conservation efforts in Africa. It is really cool and I think that harnessing the power of the internet is a great way to get research done with limited funding. If you have any time go look it up.


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