Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20
Day 32

Hello. Today I met with Roger and got the images from him to use in my presentation. When I wasn't working on my Power Point I helped out with some other labs. The Insight lab was moving to a different room and so I helped to move the furniture. I also assisted the remote sensing lab in getting more data.

Campus got very busy today, as dozens of students moved in. It was cool to see the school with more people in it. One of my friends is a freshman at RIT this year and so I went to visit her. Her dorm is very nice and I'm sure that she will have a great time at the school.



  1. Good luck as you wrap up your work and finish your presentation! Very impressive work.

    BTW, Roger was one of my professors when I first went through the Imaging BS program many years ago. I took one of his first courses in Digital Imaging.

  2. Thanks Uncle Chris! I'll say hi to him for you. :)