Friday, August 9, 2013

Bring a Friend to Work Day

August 9
Day 25

Hello. Today was bring a friend to work day. I invited my friend from school who was interested in the research I am doing. It was fun to see her and to meet all of the other interns' friends. We had the picnic today, though we had to eat inside because it was raining. Probably the best part of today was having to explain my work to people. It will be good practice for the presentation. I saw when they got tired of me talking and I saw what topics they thought were more engaging. I took my friend on a tour of the labs, some of which I hadn't even been in yet. It was really cool to see what all of the other interns are doing.

I am almost done with the Latin manuscript files and, hopefully, on Monday I can try to Polynomial Texture Map program. On Monday all of the interns are going to Mees Observatory in the evening, so I will only be in the lab for a few hours. I am so excited for the observatory! It sounds like a really cool place with a great history. The Perseids are happening while we are there so I hope that the sky is clear so we can see them well.


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