Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Picnic

August 16
Day 30

Hello. Today was the last intern picnic. It was a really nice day out, so we played badminton and had a cook out. I can't believe that next week is the next week. It went by really fast.

Today I finished the files and then worked on my presentation. Roger came down to help me out and we tried to figure out how to save the bands in the format that the scholar wants them. I really hope we can figure out how to do them all at once, because doing all 1575 bands by hand would be really tedious and annoying. Luckily, he said that he though he could find out how to process the bands in groups over the weekend. Then he gave me some tips for my presentation and I went to work with the other interns in the reading room. I am glad its the weekend, and I'll be able to work on my presentation more at home.



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  2. Mary Emma,

    I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog. I think you are on the right track regarding your presentation. The more you can connect with your audience by considering their perspective the better. I also think you are correct regarding the benefit of telling a story.

    DFTBA because you are.

    Good Luck with your presentation,

    Uncle Ed