Wednesday, July 17, 2013


July 17
Day 8

Hi. Today I continued on with my work. You know how I said that I had finished the hard ones? Nope. Some of these new leaves don't even appear to have any undertext on them. Which is very disappointing after you have spent half an hour getting all the files in order and renaming all the bands, just to find out that there is nothing visible. But today was good in that I finished my 20th leaf of the manuscript I am working one! (a leaf is one side of a page, and a manuscript is the book) So that's been fun. But hopefully I can try a different method tomorrow and get some better results.

Today all of the interns went to a presentation on giving presentations. It was all about trying to incorporate the ideas of zen into a good presentation. It will be very useful when I have to give my final presentation on historical document restoration at the end of the summer. All of the interns then played Uno, which I won, much to my own surprise.

Here's hoping that tomorrow the manuscripts stop withholding their ancient secrets from me and I can get some better results.


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  1. Well Historical document restoration lab rocked UNO because I got second