Thursday, July 25, 2013

Writing an Abstract

July 24
Day 13

Hi. Today our first Milestone was due. This milestone consisted of the title of our final presentation and an abstract summing up our presentation subject. I am going to present the research that I have done on the differences in the processes of imaging the leaves based on the side of the parchment and the damage done to the leaf. Each leaf has to be processed separately and you have to look at each band separately to find the best combination. This takes a long time and would be difficult to automate. The other part of my presentation will be on how the "outside world" impacts research. The manuscripts that I  am working on now are from Sinai, Egypt and because of the current revolution it would be difficult for researchers to go there to look at the manuscripts. I find that really interesting and while it isn't exactly imaging science, it does apply to the research that we are doing. Writing the abstract itself wasn't that difficult, as it was in the same form as the projects I had to do for an online program I did with NASA through the Women in STEM High School Aerospace Scholars program.

I continued to work on the leaves from the manuscript I have been working on from the beginning. Now I'm just going back and doing the leaves that were skipped over before, and there aren't that many, so that's good.

Today's video was about Patent laws and the changes that came in March of 2013. As someone who wants to be an engineer and wants to invent things this was actually interesting to me and will probably become very important.



  1. It looks like you are actually doing something... unlike me who is waiting for people by commenting. Anyways, you fencing skills are amazing... :)

  2. Ohhhh no wonder your abstract was so good! I think it's so cool that you participated in that NASA program. I remember hearing about the program when they were looking for applicants; I'd be really interested to hear what your experience was like.

    PS @ Mia - you are cracking me up with all of the comments you're leaving on everyone's blogs!