Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25
Day 14

Hi. Today was very busy. This morning we peer reviewed our abstracts for our final presentations. Mine was okay, I just have to shorten the title and add some more about exactly what type of imaging I am doing. All of the other interns' presentations sound really cool and there is a wide range of what people are doing. Some are working with more hands-on building and testing and some are writing code. I think the biggest issue for all of us will be trying to remember what all of the acronyms stand for.

I finished the skipped over leaves and got to move on to a whole new batch today. I am making progress which I am happy about, though the endless stream of leaves and manuscripts is more than a little daunting.

This afternoon there was a talk on supernovae and using 3D models in astrophysics. I found it very interesting, even though I know very little about astrophysics. The abilities of super computers is amazing and allows researchers and scientists to do so much that they could not have done even 20 years ago.


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