Sunday, July 21, 2013


July 19
Day 10

Hi. Sorry this post is a few days late. I left early on Friday to take my road test and I forgot to do my blog. (I passed) Since I was only there for a few hours on Friday I don't have much to report. I continued to work on the Georgian manuscript form Saint Catherine's. At lunch we had another picnic and played more volleyball. It was a very nice relaxing day, other than the road test which was stressful.

Something very exciting did happen Thursday afternoon though. While leaving the building I met Derek Muller, the host of Veritasium. Veritasium is a science channel on Youtube, and it is one of my favorite channels. It was awesome to meet a personal hero and talk to him for a little bit. Anyone who is knowledgeable about something and shares that wisdom and their love of the subject on the internet for others to benefit from is a hero to me. I think that the future of education relies on channels like Veritasium, and others like Scishow and Crashcourse, to get people excited about learning things just for the sake of learning. I would definitely advise checking out his channel as well as other educational channels, such as Scishow, CGP Grey and minutephysics.

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